Join us at the IAACE conference in French Lick!

March 29, 2018
Post: Join us at the IAACE conference in French Lick!

You probably know by now that the IAACE Annual Conference is being held in French Lick from April 25th to April 27th, but did you know that we were included in the conference planning? Our board members have worked hard to ensure that adult literacy is represented and that there are many literacy sessions to choose from. Take a look at the sessions to be presented by ILA board members:

Decoding Skills for Beginning Readers, presenter Cynthia Cates, Executive Director, Kosciusko Literacy Services
This lecture is for tutors or teachers teaching decoding skills to adult learners. The sessions will blend several specialized techniques from various resources. The lecture will focus on phonics and syllabication to decode words. This lecture is designed for volunteers or professionals who help adults with little or no reading skills. The participants will receive sample lessons and a list of resources to help adults.

Making Literacy Cool, presenter Bob Stephenson, Executive Director, Literacy Coalition
We know it is hard to attract new learners and tutors to our programs. This session is based on the book, The Power of Moments, by Chip & Dan Heath. We will explore ways we can design and create moments that will make them want to come back. Together we will look for moments we can make special and think of ways to design some magic. Hopefully, everyone will leave with some new ideas.

Literacy Panel #1 – Recruiting/Retention, facilitator: Bob Stephenson
STIGMA much? If we could waive a magic wand and make it happen what would it look like to recruite and retain our adult learners? Join in on this panel discussion to explore, brainstorm and hear success stories.

Bridges Out of Poverty Overview–How Poverty Impacts the Adult Student, presenter: Cynthia Cates, Executive Director, Kosciusko Literacy Services
“The lecture is for teachers, administrators, and volunteers wishing to understand the individuals who are in living in generational poverty. The session will include values of the upper, middle, and lower income levels from the Bridges Out of Poverty®. The session will:
– Give examples of hidden rules among classes.
– Analyze the eight resources of a customer or employee.
– Explain how economic realities affect patterns of living.
– Explain language registers, discourse patterns, and story structure.
– Explain how mental models are effective interventions for cognitive and language barriers.
– Identify principles for improving outcomes with individuals from generational poverty.”

Literacy Panel #2 – Fundraising, facilitator: Jennifer Wigginton
Over 390 Billion of Dollars is donated to social benefit organizations in a year, how does your organization get your share? Join this facilitated learning session and panel discussion to grow into your fundraising needs. *Bring your calendar events so we can discuss your fundraising!

These are just a few of the many great sessions offered this year! Review the entire conference schedule here and as always, feel free to email us with questions or comments. We hope to see you in French Lick!

P.S. There is still time to register for the conference but the deadline for the $129 hotel rate is TODAY March 29th! Click here for details on booking a room at the French Lick Springs Resort (rooms at West Baden are $179 per night for conference attendees).

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