Our New “Blog of the Month”

January 10, 2017
Post: Our New “Blog of the Month”

Greetings and Salutations fellow Literacy friends,

At our last annual meeting, one of the things that you said you wanted from the Indiana Literacy Association was and is communication and sharing of ideas/resources. So, we formed a communications committee and continued the brainstorming on how best we can do that.

Ta-da…you are now reading the blog of the month. Is that a cheesy name? Maybe we let you name it, hey; maybe we let you write it! Now, we are talking. We will be reaching out to members if you want to be a published blogger, send us an email. The blog intention is to share what is coming, to share how we do all things and to make exciting announcements! I interrupt this blog for a couple of exciting announcements…

  1. IAACE Conference- Literacy Strand – ILA has partnered with IAACE to offer a half day literacy strand on Wednesday, April 26. This half day will be available to all ILA members for only $50. The half day will include at least three sessions on topics that you have asked for. It will also include sessions by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Details to register for the conference will be sent by email to all members, check out the details on the conference on the IAACE website. By the way, the DWD request for proposal will be out this month and your organization is eligible to apply to receive money.

    And just a heads up so that you can start thinking…nominations for the IAACE Adult Learner of the Year will also be accepted from ILA member organizations, details soon.

  2. A Poetry Contest for your Adult Learners will be announced this month! So start assigning poetry to your learners. More details soon.

Now, back to the blog, we have some topics planned; grant information (Dollar General is released this month), volunteer tutor training, and professional development opportunities. The disclaimer is that this blog is meant to be information shared from one member to another about topics you want to share and learn, so you’ll need to comment, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know your reading and what you want next, otherwise, we won’t know you are reading and we may lose confidence in our Ta-da idea. I know you wouldn’t want a fellow colleague to endure that. Contact me with questions, Ta Ta for now.

Jennifer Wigginton
ILA Vice President
Communications Committee Chair

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