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Why Join the ILA?

We asked a few of our members to provide us with a comment or two about why they are members of the ILA. Here’s what they had to say: Bob Stephenson, The Literacy Coalition of Howard County and ILA President: I joined ILA for the networking opportunities. In the 18 years I have been at the Literacy Coalition so many great people have mentored me and I love the opportunities to share ideas and experiences. My ILA membership gives me that opportunity and has helped me keep my program viable through good and bad times. Dan Helms, Board Member: I

ILA Literacy Strand at the IAACE Annual Conference

We asked our board members to provide us with a comment or two about the Literacy Strand at this year’s IAACE conference. Here’s what they had to say: Jennifer Wigginton, Vice-President: I loved hearing the input from all the participants in my online tutor training workshop. Check it out here. If you are a member of ILA and want full access, send email to We of course welcome input on improvement. The other great thing I learned about is the It is a free resource we are implementing! Check out page for a video feed of part

ILA President’s Message

By Bob Stephenson, ILA President and Executive Director of The Literacy Coalition of Howard County We serve “The hardest to reach, the hardest to teach with the least amount of resources.” That is how an outside observer described what we do to me. I agreed then and I agree now but things are changing. The Indiana Literacy Association is working hard to give all of us access to more resources, more mentors, and more support. One way we are providing access to resources is at the IAACE Conference in French Lick. This year there is a day with a literacy

Join Together and Celebrate!

By Pat Griffin, ​Associate Director, Interlocal Association As a Board member with the Indiana Literacy Association, my background is not in providing literacy services, rather, my career is in the administration of workforce development programs. While participating less than a year now as an ILA Board member, I have become increasingly aware of the connections as well as disconnects regarding coordinating literacy programs with workforce development program offerings. The Workforce development system provides services to the general public in WorkOne locations but often times in many other places within a community, such as Community Based Organizations and Libraries. Staff employed

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